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equiNOC Chat is a Web-based instant messaging and group chatting application. This tool does not require any software download or installation, making it a very popular communications platform for individuals, businesses, and organizations. With ITSM Chat, it is easy for businesses to get their clients to chat with their support staff live, enabling them to resolve customer issues instantaneously. Chat is also a viable application for collaboration. It is also capable of accessing Yahoo, Google, MSN, AIM, ICQ, and Jabber IMs all at one place. Users can create and add events and schedule appointments in their calendars by typing out simple chat messages. equiNOC Chat delivers versatility and creativity to team communication, enabling groups to operate freely in unplanned ways.

  • Log in with a Yahoo, Facebook, Google or Google Apps account
  • Instantly provide access to the users desktop through the chat
  • Receive a notification when new emails are received
  • Good Communication Skills

Greatest Instant Messaging Software

This communications application from ITSM comes loaded with an extensive list of capabilities. But while equiNOC Chat's rich feature list is quite impressive, it is what it can do for your business that matters. And equiNOC Chat can do a lot.

User Friendly

  • Communicate Securely and Safely within Office and from anywhere in the world.
  • Quick installation and ready to use in less than a minute.
  • Lifetime License, Onetime Cost, Unlimited Support
  • Cross Platform and all Platform Support.

What are the benefits of using Into web's Online Chat System ?

You can purchase the Online Chat System as a standalone version - you don't have to buy the entire Human Resource System.The Online Chat System runs online, which allows you to access any information from anywhere in the world at any given time, as long as you have Internet access. This means that if one of your staff members are off site, maybe with a client, they can log into the Intranet and quickly chat to another employee if there is a problem.

General Features

  • The Online Chat System allows for chats between individuals, groups or even conference meetings.
  • A notification is received by an employee when a message is sent to them to ensure they receive all messages.
  • A status is displayed for an employee to show if they are available to chat.
  • Topics can be added to chats to make it easier to find converations later.
  • Administrators can view all previous chats and review any misuse of the system .

Features Of Management


Users List

The main User List screen displaying Users with their personal message & live status.

Instant Messaging

Rich text chatting with Interactive features including: emoticons, pre-set messages, Sealed message delivery.

Group Chat

Group discussions can be arranged among a particular group or between selected users.


Announcement can be used, if you want to deliver an instant message, to which the recipient need not reply. Announcement messages will pop-up in a display only window.


equiNOC Mail is used to a send message as mail, so not pop-up like chat messages, instead they will be stored in the Mailbox.

Message History

A detailed log file is maintained in your Computer showing the list of interactions you have made with other users.


ITSM provides an exclusive 'Reminder' Function which can perform functions such as: Remind yourself, Remind other users, Run application, Open Website, Logoff Computer, Shut down computer, Reboot computer at the scheduled time.

  • Your Team Will Want to Use

    You can share ideas, files, codes with your team no matter where you are located, and its perfect for projects, teams and departments.
  • Help Desk Live Chat

    Live Support Plugin allows you to interact with your website visitors in real-time, and helps you improve your Sales and Customer Service.
  • Android and iOS App is available

    The application can be used on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and it is available for Android and iOS Smatphone devices as well.