equiNOC Software is an IT Service Management Solution

The Most Powerful IT Ticketing Tool & Interactive.

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Self Service Management Overview

Easily document the solutions to common issues or answers to FAQs, as knowledge articles, to make them accessible by the people who need them, when they need them.

  • Custom Fields
  • Help Topics
  • Manually, as needed

Custom Fields

Custom Fields/Forms/Lists can be added to each web ticket created or only show up when a specific help topic is chosen. They can be configured as best suits your business needs.

RichText Box

Auto-Response templates also contain the rich text which allows you to further brand your help desk to your customers by your logo. Pictures as well as video can be added to a ticket when responding. (Can you say, SCREEN SHOTS!).

Agent Collision Avoidance

Avoid multiple agents responding to the same ticket at the same time! You set the amount of time the lock remains on a ticket. When a ticket is locked, other staff cannot respond to the ticket until the lock expires.

Assign And Transfer

Tickets can be auto-assigned by help topics or departments when they arrive, but what if they need to be reassigned? No problem! You can reassign tickets to staff or a team of staff or transfer to a different department all together. Transfers and assignment notes are logged as internal notes in the ticket thread so you can keep track of where the ticket has been routed to for processing.

Ticket Filter

By using the filter system, equiNOC-Ticket empowers you to automate the creation and routing of tickets. Set actions such as ticket rejection, automatic department assignment or even send a canned response!

Auto Responder

Auto responses can be formatted to pull information from the ticket to personalize the email. Auto responses can be edited and customized for each department and associated with help topics.